Walking VS Driving Golf Cart. Best Golf Push Carts

Why Walking?

Because using your feet to move across the golf course is way healthier than driving golf cart. Just like any cardio exercise, it improves condition of both – your inner and exterior parts of your body. At first, you might get tired very fast, but after several months, you’ll notice improvement in your stamina and energy. It will also improve blood flow in your body. Speaking of exterior side, being active person will improve your shape and above all, give you confidence you need to feel confident in yourself and proud of your body. Considering you’ll be carrying your golf push carts with accessories, which are not lightweight, it will also probably give you slight muscles on your arms. And by walking, you burn callories in your whole body, especially in your feet. So walking across the golf course with best golf push cart in your hand might be perfect way to improve your golfing experience by making it fun and healthy. Driving golf driving cart’s rental or buying prices are also high advantage to walking instead of driving. And driving golf carts also require other minor maintenance costs, which turn out to be very pricey in the end.

Unlike the other ones, best golf push carts are also super convenient and portable to store and can be best golf push cartscarried with your car anywhere you go. Some golf push carts are more convenient, some are less, but on average, golf push cart’s dimensions are close to small box or suitcase. But even though they fold up to very convenient size, it might be heavy for kids or petite women to carry. Most top rated golf push carts usually weigh around 20 pounds, which is, in my opinion, very reasonable. But that does not includes bag and other accessories. But it’s also important that you don’t have to carry it, but just put on the ground and then push it, which is way easier to do for women, kids or men. To sum up, choosing to walk across the golf course is very wise and proper decision, which will improve your health, stamina and make you look better. Now let’s move to another part of the article, actually choosing our desired product.

 How To Choose Best Golf Push Carts For your budget?

http://www.golfclubsguru.com/best-golf-push-carts/   – i recommend reading this guide in the first place. When i was confused about my choice, this article got me straight.

First of all, i want to talk about main concern most people usually have – money. Just like in any other markets, with golf push carts, you must be careful with cheap products. Decent golf push carts are priced from 50 to several hundred dollars, and as usual, you must be careful with cheap golf trolleys. First of all, you need to make sure it has positive customer reviews and online rating and it has trustworthy manufacturer. Other than that, such difference between golf push cart prices is caused by their functions. Some may be very advanced and have lots of features, others focus on cheaper price and simplicity. But whether they are cheap or pricey, keep in mind that you must get best golf pull cart for your money, so bought product must be sturdy enough to last at least few consecutive seasons.

Cheap products usually have problems with portability and transportability. Which might be uncomfortable for some people, as golfers usually put golf buggies in their cars, so golf push carts that don’t fold well might be a problem, as they take larger space. Another issue with cheap golf pull carts might be their weight, because strong and lightweight materials like aluminum cost more, and manufacturer’s can’t afford it for little amount of money. So if you’re not very muscular, better stay away from such products. Because you might be able to carry few extra pounds from your car to golf course, but sometimes, on golf course, you might need to walk uphill, which will probably take away too much energy, and having your arms energized is important for your swing.

You should also stay away from golf push carts with common issues, for example, lacking ability to assemble and fold quickly. Assembling and Disassembling your golf push carts should not take much energy or your precious time. Most comfortable golf push carts usually require few minutes or less to be up and running, and most golf push cart reviews recommend buying those. Some also stay locked in folded position, which is also great feature, because it gets easier to store – for example, you can hang on your wall in garage.

If you like to carry a lot of golf accessories or other stuff, golf pull cart reviews also recommend getting products which have nets or other storage accessories. Best golf push carts at least usually have tee and umbrella holders, and even cooler bag for drinks as well. Most of them are not required for regular golfers, but even cheap golf push carts should have at least storage net to store golf balls, golf club head covers or other golf accessories.

There also might be other minor issues. For example, some affordable golf push carts don’t have hand brake, which is serious issue for some people. So if you prefer your future golf pull cart to have hand brake instead of foot brake, you should read that particular golf pull cart’s reviews and make sure it fits your requirements before buying it.

For people with unusual height, whether too short or tall, golf push trolleys with adjustable handles are mandatory. Because walking with fixed handles is very uncomfortable when handle is positioned too high or low. You should also make sure straps on your golf push cart are compatible to hold your golf bag. High quality golf push trolleys are usually compatible with all kinds of golf bags, but some affordable golf buggies might not fit your exact model.

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