Why do young people not like golf anymore?

It probably isn’t surprise to anyone that golf isn’t as popular as it used to be. People attribute many different reasons to this fact, and i think all of those reasons are more or less valid. Today i wanted to talk about the fact that young people aren’t so hot for golf anymore. Among that demographic, popularity of golf has been steadily decreasing with every generation since baby boomers. I have few guesses for why that might be and i wanted to put them out there to exchange thoughts with anyone who would care to participate in discussion. Overall, statistics clearly show that golf is at its lowest point in a long time, in terms of popularity. That might be because of the fact that older golfers are dying off, and new generation isn’t so keen on picking up this hobby. Why is that?

I think the main reason for young people’s lack of interest in golf is the technological revolution. It all started in the eighties, and ever since then, other forms of entertainment – tv shows and all kinds of video games have taken away potential recruits from golf. These ways of having fun are cheaper, more accessible, and sometimes even more exciting than the game of golf. I know many kids who would prefer to play soccer with each other on PlayStation over going out and actually playing it. But you can’t blame them – those real outdoors hobbies are messy and costs of all the necessary gear really add up.

Golf, for example, is extremely expensive sports. You need golf clubs, which can cost you thousands of dollars every year if you want to keep up with newest releases. Obviously you don’t have to, but some people are tempted to do it, so beginners think it’s necessary. Of course, there are cheaper options, but novices often don’t know that and are scared away by insane price tags on most clubs. Then there are golf accessories and widgets like golf bags, rangefinders and etc. Those cost few hundred dollars separately. All this gear quickly adds up and ends up costing average golfer about thousand dollars. Meanwhile, one can get the best and most interesting newly released game for fifty dollars max. It is yours forever – it can’t be damaged or broken like physical golf clubs can be. I think that’s why golf doesn’t have as strong of an allure as games – it’s expensive, risky, and uncertain.

I think that’s true for all outdoor hobbies. They are harder in general, which makes them less popular to some people. But for those who stick around for these sports, being harder is actually a plus. Doing something physical like finishing 18 holes or going on a camping trip gives you sense of accomplishment, which is surprisingly addictive. There are people who actually seek out the flaws of golf, so to them, they are advantages. Of course no one seeks out expense, but risk and uncertainty are attractive qualities in a hobby, for many people including myself. Golf also has advantage of being social sport, while playing video games is usually solitary one.

Overall, i think golf won’t be destroyed by this development, but number of golfers will definitely decrease. On a brighter side, i think there are golf games available now, so even if we’ll lose in real life, golf will still be played in people’s heads, which might be some consolation. To sum it all up, golf has evolved a lot over the years and i think it will continue to do so. So maybe evolution will include something that would make golf attractive to new players, especially the young people again.

On the other hand, while young males are turning away from golf, there’s reason to think that women are actually getting into this sport. I think that’s great news for everyone who likes to play golf. For more tips on choosing women’s clubs, check GolfClubsGuru’s tutorial.

Saving money on golf clubs by buying them in used condition

Not having excellent golf clubs is okay when you’re beginner golfer, but if you want to push the limits a little bit, you’re going to need proper golf clubs to keep up the pace. However, not all people have thousands of dollars to spend on golf clubs. That’s where used golf clubs usually come into play. The biggest reason for why people like used golf clubs is obviously considerably low price. After being used, even lightly, the value of golf club decreases significantly, so they’re usually sold for much less than list price. That’s very good news for golfers who don’t have the budget necessary to afford latest editions, but still need to get their hands on solid golf clubs somehow. One drawback to buying used golf clubs is the issue of trust. You can’t trust sellers to not underplay the degree to which the club has been used.  So you have to develop skills that will help you in telling crappy and good golf clubs apart. There are different signs for different destinations, and we’ll discuss them later. The best strategy, in my opinion, is to wait for newest golf clubs to become slightly older models, and once the rich golfers find out there’s newer model, they’ll put up their clubs to recoup at least some of the cost. That’s where you’ll come in, getting brilliant golf club only for fraction of the price, all thanks to your patience. Either way, you must remember that when choosing a golf club, your most crucial task is choosing the right shafts and the right fit. Golf club that perfectly meets your requirements in these two regards will be way more useful than the one that is expensive but doesn’t match your needs. If you’re a woman and are looking for perfect putter for your specifications, this GolfClubsGuru tutorial should be good place to start your research.

Where to buy them

There are a lot of online, as well as offline marketplaces that sell used golf clubs. The most famous places to buy used golf clubs online are: craigslist, eBay. There are less famous, but just as, if not more reputable stores as well – specifically : GlobalGolf, CallawayPreowned. We’ll discuss advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to use all this knowledge to leverage the best result for yourself. We’ll also see the places that sell used golf clubs but aren’t on the internet – specifically, retail stores and garage sales.


When it comes to online marketplaces where people sell used items, eBay is the undisputed master, so let’s start our discussion with it. Used golf clubs on eBay are easy to find, but finding good ones is the real challenge. There are plenty of counterfeit golf clubs listed there, and some sellers don’t honestly show the condition of golf club they’re selling. Obvious solution to this is to pay attention to the seller selling the golf clubs in question. This doesn’t eliminate the risk entirely, but does severely reduce it. Otherwise, eBay is great place to buy used clubs and you can get significant discounts there.

Craigslist is similar to eBay, but less regulated. This means higher risk of getting scammed, but it also means higher reward if you find good golf club there. That reward usually comes in the form of ridiculously low price, which is great if you’re constrained by budget.

GlobalGolf and CallawayPreowned are both very reputable golf club sellers that have been around for years. They sort and control quality of their clubs, so you can be assured of the quality. The drawback to using these sites is the higher cost. Because you’re buying from a corporation instead of individual, as you are in case of eBay and craigslist, you have to pay more.  


Some sporting goods stores have used golf clubs sections, especially the retailers that focus on selling golf gears. It’s smart to buy used golf clubs from them, because you can check the product in person and even better, you can see how well it is fitted to your requirements. On the other hand, browsing all these different golf stores is also very time consuming and the risk of being disappointed by your club is reduced, but still there. Garage sales are even more unpredictable, i’d say they are craigslist of offline marketplaces, so shop at them at your own discretion. The best case scenario is that you already know the owner and seller of the club, so based on personal trust, you can be sure of your purchase.

Other than that, i don’t think there’s much advice to give. Best of luck with your used golf club shopping.

How important is mental preparation for golf success?

I’ve heard many of my golf buddies describe golf as mental. It seems to be true, because most experts think the same. Even golf legend Jack Nicklaus himself once said that 80% of golf is mental. He was just sharing his observation and his words can’t be treated as facts, of course, so i decided to research further – just how much of success in golf can be accredited to one’s mental abilities?

If we compare it to physical preparation, i think we can all agree that while physical fitness is extremely important, it’s nearly not as important in golf as in other sports. In that way, golf is more mental than physical. Experience and confidence are hugely important on your shots. You can’t hit well with hands shaking of fear, even if you are super fit. As an example, i challenge all of you, readers, to look back on last time you played on golf course. When you made mistakes and lost strokes, what was the reason for your mistakes? Was it mental or physical failure?

In my opinion, it’s the mental weakness that causes most golfers to make these mistakes. That kind of mental weakness can be both temporary and long-lasting. I also see golf as a game of analysis more than anything else. Each shot you take, has consequences and you have to make decisions to reflect on the results of your shot. If you just made mistake, there are many different ways to fix it, and choosing the right path requires peace of mind and calm analysis. These decisions can be as trivial as – which golf club to choose? How to adjust your golf swing so that the wind doesn’t get in the way of good shot? And many other questions like these.  Or they can be much simpler. Deciding what golf clubs to get is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly either. Especially if you’re a senior like me, making the right decision is crucial. I believe golf is unique that way, because the same can’t be said of any other sport. No other sport requires as much analysis to make decisions on the spot.

Not only that, but there are other ways in which your mental state can affect your golf performance. Player’s attitude is often affected by what’s going on in their heads. Bringing your stress to the golf course can lead to this. I see too many people who are physically on the golf course, but are drifting away in their minds and still think about problems at home or work. That can badly hurt your golf performance.

If you think your mental game is spot on and you don’t have any problems in that regard, think again. I used to think the same, until i competed in this tournament which is held in my hometown. I don’t live far away, so i always make time for one hour trip to take part in it as a tradition. Taking part in this tournament really tests my nerves. It’s extremely difficult and challenging, so it takes every bit of concentration and focus i have for me to even have a slightest chance. I didn’t have this fear when i was younger and had no reputation to worry about, but few years back, i started to fear failure. I was afraid that if i didn’t do well enough, i’d be laughed at and never taken seriously again in the community. This fear has turned into self-fulfilling prophecy and while i wasn’t laughed at, i did fail spectacularly.

At the end of the day, i think it’s good thing that i took part in the tournament. In general, it’s healthy to feel extremely challenged and nervous once in a while. It can expose your insecurities, and give you chance to work on them and eventually get better. Also, not getting laughed at after failing to do well has taught me that i overestimate the amount of attention that people pay to both my successes and failures. In the moment, someone might judge you for failure, but at the end of the day, most people will emphasize and go on with their days. That has taught me to not let my fears get in the way of having a good time. Succeed or fail, your real friends will always be there for you. So you shouldn’t be afraid of failing publicly and should just enjoy the game. I know it’s hard to overcome those fears, i’m working on them myself, but i can already say it is exhilarating to be free of them. You have to realize that everyone is different, with different fears and different things we’re good at. Someone who is terrible at golf might be brilliant at some other skill, and vice versa. Realizing this has helped me not to judge myself and others based on superficial things like doing well in tournaments.

The best thing about golf, in my opinion, is that it challenges us to get better. There is so much room for mistakes that i’ve never even seen someone who hasn’t made one in his or her golfing career. Which means that we can always be working on improving ourselves, and sky is the limit to how much we can achieve with enough practice in golf. But there’s also important lesson of not evaluating yourself based on your successes. Remembering that golf is just a game and nothing else, is the key to happiness as a golfer, i think.