Choosing your first golf club set as a beginner

When you are just getting started in golf, there are lots of options in regards to which golf clubs to get and how to buy them. Usually, most important choice beginner golfers have to make is a choice between individual clubs and entire sets. Usually, i like the idea of buying golf clubs one by one, so that i have power to customize my set and make it relevant to any problems i might have. I wouldn’t do it if i were a beginner golfer though. I think novices have too much on their plates already, and shouldn’t spend hours researching intricate details of every golf club they buy. Instead, i think effective approach is getting entire set of clubs, because it saves you time, money and energy. There are many good club sets out there, but i’m not going to review each one of them. Also, if you’re left handed like myself, you need to make sure that the golf club set you choose comes in left-handed version as well. I know my favorite set Callaway Strata does, because it is included in this list of best golf clubs for beginners. 

First of all, before choosing any particular club set, you must decide on how many golf clubs you’re going to need. Technically, maximum amount of clubs in a golf bag is limited to fourteen, but casual golfers rarely carry that much clubs for few reasons. Personally, i don’t carry that much clubs because they are heavy and second of all, buying 14 high quality clubs is super expensive. It’s better  to buy 8 or 10 that have handy design with distance gapping. Usually it’s recommended for beginners to have a driver, few woods, iron set and a putter, but i’d like to add hybrid to that list. Hybrids are just too useful in many different situations to not be included in starter club set. Beginner will also most likely find hybrids easier to hit than irons, so if you’re concerned about overstepping your budget, you can replace irons entirely and play with hybrids instead.  If you all clubs separately, you should be able to get very good set as a beginner for under five hundred bucks, but if you choose to buy entire golf club sets like Callaway Strata, then you’ll need no more than half that.

How much you spend should depend on how serious you are about playing golf. If you are unsure whether you like it at all, you might be better off not buying anything at all. Instead, borrow club set from a friend and play with that for a while until you figure out what you’re into. If you’re sure that you like golf and want to get better at it, i would recommend spending few hundred dollars on a decent set and hitting the course. Also, spending some more on taking golf lessons really can’t hurt. Instructor can help you with identifying problems you might have with your swing or anything else.

If you want to have top notch clubs, but have limited budget, the only option left to you is buying used golf clubs. Some golfers look down on them, but i’ve seen used clubs that look and feel magnificent to play with. You just have to know where and how to look for them. My favorite place to look for good used golf clubs is eBay, because it has some protections for buyers. Craigslist is like wild west in that regard. There are many great used golf club options to choose from on there, but some of them are scams, and others don’t look in reality as they do in the pics. Overall, i think shopping for used clubs on craigslist is unsafe and i prefer to frequent ebay for that.

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