Getting golf club set as an intermediate golfer

Everyone has different definitions for what exactly an intermediate golfer is, but i define it as such : someone who has been playing golf for the last few years casually, and has pretty good grasp of basic rules and techniques of golf. Other people might not agree with me and say that i set the bar for intermediate too high or too low, but to write this tutorial properly, i needed some basic definitions.

To beginner golfers, i usually recommend that they get affordable set of clubs to find out how much they like to play golf and use those clubs to get the basic hang of the game. For intermediate golfers though, that isn’t a viable option. They don’t need a club set to learn the basics, because average golfers already know those things. What intermediate golfers do need, is solid golf club set that will help them further improve their game. Still, if you’re intermediate golfer and are on tight budget, you basically have two choices : either buy used golf clubs, or find something new and affordable. The only club set that i can think of and would match the description of the latter, is Callaway Strata Ultimate. The series is considered to be cheap, but it is the most expensive of them all, so quality of golf clubs included in this set is really high. Buying used golf clubs is also a good option, but keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and practice to succeed at it. If you have a friend who’s fluent in golf club matters, seek his/her assistance, otherwise, i would advise to stay away from buying used clubs. If you must do so, buy from CallawayPreOwned and other reputable used golf club sellers, since they are somewhat safe compared to craigslist and eBay.

Buying expensive clubs can certainly be beneficial for intermediate golfers, but it’s not necessary. If you were to spend lots of money on just one club though, i would recommend for it to be a driver. Brands have been working hard on improving design and effectiveness of golf clubs, and they really nailed it. Especially if you have a tendency to make a slice, i would recommend getting good draw driver, such as Callaway Rogue Draw model. Having brilliant driver like that can dramatically improve your results and make golf more enjoyable. If you have budget for it, i would also recommend getting a good hybrid. They are invaluable to have in a bag and can get you out of most roughs on the course. High end iron sets usually tend to be too expensive for most casual golfers, but if you can afford it, definitely go for some game improvement irons. You might be an intermediate level golfer, but extra forgiveness never hurt anyone.

I think the best price-range for buying intermediate golf clubs is under thousand dollars. Most average golfers aren’t experienced enough to play with so-called “player’s irons” anyway, so money spent on those types of clubs will go to waste. Plus. by spending moderate amount on golf clubs, you’ll have much more left for accessories such as stand bags and headcovers. I think having lots of useful accessories and golf gadgets is useful because they make your life on the course so much easier. You can check out moderately-priced high quality clubs for average golfers in this guide by GolfClubsGuru.

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