Hybrid golf clubs overview

Hybrid golf clubs are somewhat new development in the world of golf and the fact that they have managed to become so popular only speaks of their appeal to most golfers. First hybrid golf clubs were made by TaylorMade in early two thousands, by combining features of woods and irons, thus the name – hybrid. TaylorMade used different materials to make these clubs and there were other changes in design as well. Thanks to these tweaks, hybrids became easier to hit than long irons, and you could send ball further using them. That’s one of the reasons for hybrids’ popularity. Before their introduction to the market, beginners only had one option – using long irons, which are superbly difficult to swing properly. Because of this difficulty, many beginners were discouraged from pursuing golf altogether, so, TaylorMade thought of this brilliant way of making golf clubs that were forgiving and easy to hit at the same time. In my opinion, the research and development money at TaylorMade couldn’t have gone to a better cause. Hybrid golf clubs are the best thing that happened to golf since huge improvements in driver design that occured in nineties.

As i’ve mentioned before, the reception for hybrid golf clubs couldn’t have been better. Golfers, especially the senior golfers, instantly fell in love with TaylorMade’s creation and sales were strong right away. That motivated TaylorMade to make these clubs even better, and that increased sales even further, leading to modern hybrid clubs. Newest hybrids are much better than early versions, so they have gradually become part of every golfer’s bag. Eventually, other manufacturers started making hybrids too, but in my humble opinion, TaylorMade still remains the best in terms of design and craftsmanship of the hybrids they make. Despite that, it must also be noted that Callaway and Ping have been making some extraordinary clubs these past few years. I’d say Rogue X hybrid, made and sold by Callaway, is probably one of the best in its class on the market right now. It’s not the cheapest golf club around, but in general, golf isn’t famous for being affordable sport. Still, if you want excellent hybrids and you’re on tighter budget, you can always check out used golf clubs on eBay or hybrid club sets on Amazon. Generally, i advise people to buy individual hybrid first, to get the feel for what they are capale of. Once they get the idea, they can move on to using hybrids more extensively on the course. Some people know that hybrid is what they want, and like it so much that they get entire set of hybrids that replace normal golf club sets entirely, including irons and some woods. Hybrid obviously can’t replace fundamentally different clubs like drivers and putters. Other than that, they can be used for pretty much anything, which is probably why they are also called utility clubs. Buying hybrid golf club sets is a good idea because it allows you greater freedom than usual. Selling hybrids as a bundle is also more profitable for golf club manufacturers, so by buying entire club set, you are more likely to get a great deal.

During these past few years, even some professionals started playing their tournaments with hybrids in their bags, which is another proof for how useful these clubs are. But the sub-category of golfers that would benefit most from using these clubs, is, in my opinion, beginners. Intermediate golfers might find them quite useful too, but the data has shown that if you can swing long irons very well, as is case with most pro golfers, benefits of using hybrids extensively are reduced. They are still useful for getting out of roughs though.

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