Saving money on golf clubs by buying them in used condition

Not having excellent golf clubs is okay when you’re beginner golfer, but if you want to push the limits a little bit, you’re going to need proper golf clubs to keep up the pace. However, not all people have thousands of dollars to spend on golf clubs. That’s where used golf clubs usually come into play. The biggest reason for why people like used golf clubs is obviously considerably low price. After being used, even lightly, the value of golf club decreases significantly, so they’re usually sold for much less than list price. That’s very good news for golfers who don’t have the budget necessary to afford latest editions, but still need to get their hands on solid golf clubs somehow. One drawback to buying used golf clubs is the issue of trust. You can’t trust sellers to not underplay the degree to which the club has been used.  So you have to develop skills that will help you in telling crappy and good golf clubs apart. There are different signs for different destinations, and we’ll discuss them later. The best strategy, in my opinion, is to wait for newest golf clubs to become slightly older models, and once the rich golfers find out there’s newer model, they’ll put up their clubs to recoup at least some of the cost. That’s where you’ll come in, getting brilliant golf club only for fraction of the price, all thanks to your patience. Either way, you must remember that when choosing a golf club, your most crucial task is choosing the right shafts and the right fit. Golf club that perfectly meets your requirements in these two regards will be way more useful than the one that is expensive but doesn’t match your needs. If you’re a woman and are looking for perfect putter for your specifications, this GolfClubsGuru tutorial should be good place to start your research.

Where to buy them

There are a lot of online, as well as offline marketplaces that sell used golf clubs. The most famous places to buy used golf clubs online are: craigslist, eBay. There are less famous, but just as, if not more reputable stores as well – specifically : GlobalGolf, CallawayPreowned. We’ll discuss advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to use all this knowledge to leverage the best result for yourself. We’ll also see the places that sell used golf clubs but aren’t on the internet – specifically, retail stores and garage sales.


When it comes to online marketplaces where people sell used items, eBay is the undisputed master, so let’s start our discussion with it. Used golf clubs on eBay are easy to find, but finding good ones is the real challenge. There are plenty of counterfeit golf clubs listed there, and some sellers don’t honestly show the condition of golf club they’re selling. Obvious solution to this is to pay attention to the seller selling the golf clubs in question. This doesn’t eliminate the risk entirely, but does severely reduce it. Otherwise, eBay is great place to buy used clubs and you can get significant discounts there.

Craigslist is similar to eBay, but less regulated. This means higher risk of getting scammed, but it also means higher reward if you find good golf club there. That reward usually comes in the form of ridiculously low price, which is great if you’re constrained by budget.

GlobalGolf and CallawayPreowned are both very reputable golf club sellers that have been around for years. They sort and control quality of their clubs, so you can be assured of the quality. The drawback to using these sites is the higher cost. Because you’re buying from a corporation instead of individual, as you are in case of eBay and craigslist, you have to pay more.  


Some sporting goods stores have used golf clubs sections, especially the retailers that focus on selling golf gears. It’s smart to buy used golf clubs from them, because you can check the product in person and even better, you can see how well it is fitted to your requirements. On the other hand, browsing all these different golf stores is also very time consuming and the risk of being disappointed by your club is reduced, but still there. Garage sales are even more unpredictable, i’d say they are craigslist of offline marketplaces, so shop at them at your own discretion. The best case scenario is that you already know the owner and seller of the club, so based on personal trust, you can be sure of your purchase.

Other than that, i don’t think there’s much advice to give. Best of luck with your used golf club shopping.

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