Why do young people not like golf anymore?

It probably isn’t surprise to anyone that golf isn’t as popular as it used to be. People attribute many different reasons to this fact, and i think all of those reasons are more or less valid. Today i wanted to talk about the fact that young people aren’t so hot for golf anymore. Among that demographic, popularity of golf has been steadily decreasing with every generation since baby boomers. I have few guesses for why that might be and i wanted to put them out there to exchange thoughts with anyone who would care to participate in discussion. Overall, statistics clearly show that golf is at its lowest point in a long time, in terms of popularity. That might be because of the fact that older golfers are dying off, and new generation isn’t so keen on picking up this hobby. Why is that?

I think the main reason for young people’s lack of interest in golf is the technological revolution. It all started in the eighties, and ever since then, other forms of entertainment – tv shows and all kinds of video games have taken away potential recruits from golf. These ways of having fun are cheaper, more accessible, and sometimes even more exciting than the game of golf. I know many kids who would prefer to play soccer with each other on PlayStation over going out and actually playing it. But you can’t blame them – those real outdoors hobbies are messy and costs of all the necessary gear really add up.

Golf, for example, is extremely expensive sports. You need golf clubs, which can cost you thousands of dollars every year if you want to keep up with newest releases. Obviously you don’t have to, but some people are tempted to do it, so beginners think it’s necessary. Of course, there are cheaper options, but novices often don’t know that and are scared away by insane price tags on most clubs. Then there are golf accessories and widgets like golf bags, rangefinders and etc. Those cost few hundred dollars separately. All this gear quickly adds up and ends up costing average golfer about thousand dollars. Meanwhile, one can get the best and most interesting newly released game for fifty dollars max. It is yours forever – it can’t be damaged or broken like physical golf clubs can be. I think that’s why golf doesn’t have as strong of an allure as games – it’s expensive, risky, and uncertain.

I think that’s true for all outdoor hobbies. They are harder in general, which makes them less popular to some people. But for those who stick around for these sports, being harder is actually a plus. Doing something physical like finishing 18 holes or going on a camping trip gives you sense of accomplishment, which is surprisingly addictive. There are people who actually seek out the flaws of golf, so to them, they are advantages. Of course no one seeks out expense, but risk and uncertainty are attractive qualities in a hobby, for many people including myself. Golf also has advantage of being social sport, while playing video games is usually solitary one.

Overall, i think golf won’t be destroyed by this development, but number of golfers will definitely decrease. On a brighter side, i think there are golf games available now, so even if we’ll lose in real life, golf will still be played in people’s heads, which might be some consolation. To sum it all up, golf has evolved a lot over the years and i think it will continue to do so. So maybe evolution will include something that would make golf attractive to new players, especially the young people again.

On the other hand, while young males are turning away from golf, there’s reason to think that women are actually getting into this sport. I think that’s great news for everyone who likes to play golf. For more tips on choosing women’s clubs, check GolfClubsGuru’s tutorial.

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